The Rose Way Meditation, by Dana Williams

by drtodd on May 15, 2013

Dear Readers, thank you for tuning in.  I have been on a hiatus because I have been shamelessly naughty and concentrating almost completely on my painting. However, in the last few weeks it has been my pleasure to work with a very promising newer author, Dana Williams from the gorgeous state of Oregon.  As you who have studied my books over the years know, I have studied meditation now for 43 years, since I was 19 and began Zen meditation, with Dannon Katagiri Rhoshi in Minneapolis.

I since went on to study so many different kinds of meditation that I can scarcely name them all.  Perhaps the most complex and advanced of all, were the various series of Kriyas in Kundalini Yoga as taught by my personal teacher Kharam Bhakti Singh, and his teacher Yogi Bhajan.  A Kriya, as you may know, is a meditation that includes a posture, a mantra, a yantra or visual image, a mudra, or finger/hand position, and a pranayam or breath modulation.  These can be very challenging and difficult to master but are most rewarding.

However, for those of you who cherish the complex, yearn for something more difficult, more intricate, more detailed, the Rose Way Mediation is just the thing.   It has, get this, over fifty steps, fifty! Wow.

Now, you might well recoil at that initially and say that no form of meditation should have or have to have that many steps to it.  And, if you are of that firm opinion, I will not argue with you.  But, I will posit gently to you to be of an open mind and consider that this particular form, and its fifty + steps, are not all that difficult.  This is because each step follows logically from the preceding step, and all follow a sequence which is utterly natural, and very comfortable, even shall I say, easy, to perform, with a bit of practice.

It originated ostensibly from a yoga teacher named Joe Kapinski and was learned back in the seventies when the author was still in her teens and meditation courses were few and far between when compared to the veritable plethora of techniques we have easily accessible today.  This teacher was, by all accounts, a very modest man, very humble, gentle, and kindly in every way.  Everything we would expect from a true teacher of the light.  He was, in particular, not interested in generating income or fame as many authors are–and I am quick to add that there is no fault in this at all.  We all have to make a living.  But this gentleman, Joe K. was really sincere, and very devoted to his craft, of teaching other people the form of meditation that he had learned.

And that’s where it really starts to get interesting.  Especially for those of you who are fans of my book The Evolution Angel and others like it.  Joe downloaded, or “channeled” this meditation from an ancient Chinese master named Len Su who lived in the 6th century BC.

What I really like about the meditation is that unlike any other form of yoga or chakra theory I have every encountered anywhere, this meditation starts by seeing the chakras as a solidly based horizontal configuration.  Horizontal?  Indeed.  And you really have to give this a try to see why this is so interesting. For when you do, you will feel yourself particularly well grounded, well balanced, well poised on this horizontal platform as it were, to proceed to then move along the vertical axis.

It just works.  It WORKS really well, and you have to try it to see what I mean.  Ms. Williams is an experienced writer and you can view her other books, like her one on the Lord’s Prayer, easily by looking her up on  She is a very experienced writer.  She knows exactly what she is doing and you will be able to tell that as soon as you start reading the first few pages.  Her style is masterful, clear, concise, and angelic in its lightness and ease.

Here, following is the original introduction I wrote for her book.  In the interests of space we had to reduce it down somewhat, but I have included the full form as follows.  I don’t know how soon Dana Williams will have her Kindle version up and ready to download for you to read, but I think it will not be long.  Her book has been edited and is in the very last phases of polishing.  I especially like the fact that her daughter is helping her with this process.  Mother-daughter combos are particularly dynamic and potent in the teaching of the Light, at least in my own experience.  By all means, please give this most interesting book a try, give the technique a try and I feel sure you will find it will release unknown potentials within you, perhaps even psychic abilities such as remote viewing, energetic healing abilities, and the like.  OK, here is the original intro in its full form:


It is my distinct honor, and a pleasure to introduce to you a fascinating, and wholly original book by Dana Williams, called The Rose Way Meditation. I am Dr. Todd Michael, a retired trauma and emergency physician, and the author of The Evolution Angel and The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle, winner of the Nebula Award in New York, 2005, for “Best Spiritual Book of the Year.” I have written many other books on spiritual and metaphysical subjects, and have studied, taught, and spoken about yoga, meditation, energy healing, and other related subjects for twelve years at venues like the Art Bell Show, Edgar Cayce’s center, the A.R.E., in Virginia, and most of the larger venues on “the circuit.”

I tell you this not to boast, that would be foolish, but simply to let you know I have a good sense of perspective about what kinds of books are truly effective and well-written. Because of my experience, I have become well-acquainted with the spectrum of books and teachings that are available for people like you, people seeking to improve themselves, people who are seeking to increase their knowledge about meditation, raise their conscious awareness, and otherwise maximize their true potential as human beings.

I think you would agree that we do not, as yet, completely know the full potential of the human mind-body complex. We are still barely tapping the full range, the full power of our incredible human organism to know, to see, to heal, and to manifest positive circumstances for ourselves and our loved ones.

The Rose Way meditation is a very significant tool that can help you move forward in the right direction in a decidedly powerful and sure-footed way. In all my travels and meetings with scores of other teachers, mentors, gurus, great monks, and others, including my own mentor Ram Dass, I have never encountered a meditation like the Rose Way. That is the thing that strikes me most powerfully about it: It is not a rehash of the same old stuff. Rather it is completely non-derivative. It is something new and unique. There simply are no other techniques with which it can be adequately compared.

The Rose Way form of meditation is not for those who want a quick and easy way. There is nothing wrong with wanting a quick and easy way, I don’t want to sound judgmental about that at all, for I myself will resort to very simplistic and time-tested methods when I am confronted with particularly confusing and upsetting situations. There is surely a time and place for such methods.

The Rose Way offers a truly advanced form of meditation–a method which is somewhat detailed and complex. It includes, all in all, over fifty distinct operations that the practitioner goes through in a very orderly and complex way. Fifty components!” You might exclaim. “How can I ever learn to do that many things at once?”

But you need not worry at all. As it turns out, the steps of the meditation are very logical in their sequence¾almost like counting from one to fifty¾each step following from the preceding step in such a natural and orderly way that you will be able to master the entire technique within a very reasonable amount of time. And the way the meditation sequence is described in this powerful little book, is decidedly clear and concise, taking any confusion away, and offering very clear instructions.

In addition, there is a CD being produced that is designed to be played as you meditate, talking you through the steps as you learn them, so that you can easily assimilate the sequence involved and benefit from the amazing effects the meditation can have upon you. But, if you do not yet have this CD, do not worry, the technique can be and has been learned by many, many people with the simple written directions within.

Patajali, the famous author who authored the definitive Yoga Sutras, or Aphorisms of Yoga, about 1,900 years ago, as well as many other experts on meditation, have told us for centuries that meditation, in its various forms can allow the practitioner to develop what are called “siddhis,”—or powers, to use contemporary terminology. These can include the power to engage in remote viewing, the power to communicate with one’s spirit guides and departed souls on the “other side,” and the power to heal, the power to understand and correct, difficult diseases and emotional problems¾both within your own life and the lives of others.

When you read about the Rose Way, you will be naturally fascinated and almost spellbound by its orderly complexity, which is very logical, symmetrical, orderly, and synchronous in its technique. This book provides a new way of understanding your chakras and nervous system, seeing that they are even more beautifully constructed and synchronized than say, a fine watch. Those of you who have practiced other forms of meditation for many years—and there are so many millions of us now that can make that claim—will find this new and challenging sequence very refreshing, and almost unbelievably effective in raising your consciousness.

You are ready for the Rose Way. You must be. Or you wouldn’t have come by this book. There are no accidences or “coincidences” in the Universe. You know that. Everything has a reason, a purpose, and a divine timing. If you are reading these words now, you are ready to proceed to learn what may be the most powerful form of meditation you have or ever will encounter¾a technique which will lift you from any energetic plateau, so that you can ascend to new heights of conscious awareness, and begin to actualize your true powers as a human being.

Many blessings to you and yours as you make your way to the Light.

Dr. Todd Michael

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